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Free Trade Agreement: Flowers, Pineapple Juice and Free Trade Agreements

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Visiting grandma

Grandma Tara hurried home with a large bouquet of roses from the flower shops on Avenue Road and bags full of goodies from the South American bakery on Dufferin street. The travellers would be home any minute and she really wanted to hear about their latest adventure.

She arrived to find them waiting for her at the door. 

Once all the food was on the table, the travellers began telling Granny all about their trip to Ecuador. 

“Did you know that flowers from Ecuador are sold in Toronto?” asked Mira.

“Yes, like these”, replied Granny as she pointed to her roses now in a vase on the table.

Chincha de Pina (Spiced Pineapple Juice) from Ecuador

“They said something about Ecuador having a trade agreement. What’s that?” asked Teyus.

Grandma poured herself a cup of some delicious Chincha de Pina (Spiced Pineapple Juice) and started to explain to them.

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