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Golden Rules of Saving. Number 2.

<< Back to Rule 1 of Saving  Golden Rules of Saving.  Rule 2. The Second Golden Rule: Choose how you spend.  "For example, say you have saved $2 and you are interested in two items. A Toblerone costs $2 but a pen you like also costs $2, you need to make a decision about which one you want more. Obviously, with $2 you can’t buy both.” Grandma looked at the kids expectantly, wondering how they would choose.

“But how will we choose?” asked Mira, weighing both options in her head. Teyus had a puzzled look on his face, he was obviously in a dilemma.

Grandma exclaimed, “Simple!”

Ask yourself these 3 questions:
Which one will I use more?
Which one do I need more?
And which one will I enjoy more?

                                                                                    Golden Rules of Saving. Choosing what you really need. So, if you need a pen and don’t have anymore, then buy the pen. If you have many pens, as you both do, then maybe the Toblerone is the better choice because you will enjoy that more. See what I mean?”

The kids nodded.


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