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Golden Rules of Saving. Number 4.

<< Back to Golden Rules of Saving. Number 3 Golden Rules of Saving. Number 4. Stop Wasting. The Fourth Rule.  Stop wasting!  

Grandma was quite animated now. "I’ve never understood why people spend their hard-earned money to buy more food than they could possibly eat, just to waste it! SO much of our food goes in waste, it's horrible! Just yesterday, the newspaper announced that 31 BILLION dollars in food is wasted every year only in Canada, you could imagine what the world total is! That means, for every person in Canada, $1000 is wasted in food!" Grandma was quite upset now. 

Mira and Teyus weren’t surprised to hear this. They knew how many times they had insisted on getting something from the supermarket, only to lose interest or forget to eat it. Teyus also shared how his dad bought 20 boxes of cereal from the supermarket because they were on sale but no one wants to eat that cereal anymore, so it’s just getting stale!

“Not to mention the number of erasers, markers and toys children already have, but still want more.  All this costs money.  And spending it on these things, means you have less to save to get what you really want." Grandma was getting really upset now.  Golden Rules of Saving. Number 4. Granny upset at wasting. Grandma also told them that while stopping food wastage was probably the easiest thing to do, there were other ways also to cut wasteful expenditure. This could include things like remembering to turn off lights, taking care of our clothes and shoes, using public transport or carpooling instead of driving alone.

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