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How it Works

 Step 1:  Join the Adventure!  Mira & Teyus AdventuresChoose a subscription package that would allow you unlimited access to all our stories and missions. New stories and missions every week. Travel the world with Mira & Teyus, and pick up some seriously cool money tips on the way.

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Step 2:  Read the adventures and do missions  How it works. Share your work. Read all about Mira & Teyus' adventures and take part in challenges with kids all over the world.  Share all your missions with your friends and family on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Email.  The winner of every mission gets an invitation to have a character in the next story named after them.


Step 3: You decide where the story should go next

YOU get to VOTE and decide based on the clues where the story should go next.  This is all about users deciding what the outcome should be.    Join now!

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