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How to Budget: Introduction

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“Grandma! You won’t believe where we’ve been!” shouted Teyus.

“I’ll tell you! The Great Silk Route!” shrieked Mira, unable to control herself.

“How amazing! Tell me all about it” said Grandma as she laid out some goodies on the table. She continued, “Look at what I got for you. I was at the Uzbek restaurant on Dufferin and picked up these delicious balls soaked in honey, they’re called Chak-Chak. I even made some tea to go with it.”

As the travellers ate their dessert and drank their tea, they began to tell their grandmother about the trip. They told her how they had heard people talking about “budgeting and making a budget” a few times while they were travelling. 

“What exactly is a budget?” asked Mira

“My mother’s always telling my father that our expenses are more than she had budgeted for” said Teyus.

Grandma smiled. She poured herself some more tea and started explaining what a budget was, and how to prepare one. 

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