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How to Trade Successfully: Edna Trades her Chickens

<< Back to Introduction  Trading. Edna and her chickensShe told them the story of Edna, the farmer’s wife who really wanted a new coat. She had chickens, and ducks and horses and even corn but no new coat! So she came upon a rather novel idea one day!

She took the chickens to her neighbour and said “You know how many eggs these chickens lay for me daily, why don’t I trade you this for your new coat?”. 

The miller's wife who had plenty of chickens herself, didn’t really need more, but she did wanted to de-clutter her home. She thought for a minute and said  “I don’t really need the chickens, however, I want to get rid of my old wheelbarrow.  How about if I trade you the wheelbarrow for the chickens?”.  Trading. Edna gets a wheelbarrow.  Trading.  Edna with booksEdna went along with the trade, but she didn’t need a rickety old wheelbarrow. She needed a coat. So she rolled it over to the school master's house and said to his wife; “I have this wheelbarrow it looks old but pushes fine, would you like to trade your new coat for my wheelbarrow?"

The school master’s wife looked horrified at the idea, however she could use the wheelbarrow to move books to the school. She didn’t have a coat to trade, but she could trade the wheelbarrow for some books!

Edna now had a heavy load of books that made her hands hurt, she absolutely had to get rid of them! So she walked to the butcher's wife and like before, no one would trade her a coat, but she was able to trade whatever she had for something else.  She really didn’t care what she got, she just wanted to eventually get a coat. She went to every house in the village, and she got different things at each stop but never a coat.  It was now evening and she was getting worried. The farmer was coming home and she had no dinner, no chickens and no coat!  Trading. Edna trades all over town  Trading. Mira gets Mayor's wife coatFinally, she got to the mayor’s house and said, “Good evening Mrs. Mayor, would you like to trade your new coat for these bars of soap”

“Yes!” said the Mayor’s wife and happily took the soap and gave her a gently used coat from last season.  Trading. Edna's coat is too small!Edna she rushed home and proudly showed her husband how she had managed to trade their old chickens for a beautiful coat.  By now the entire village knew about her trade activities!

But the coat didn’t fit her!  The mayor’s wife was twice her height and half her width!  Edna moaned when she realized she would have to start trading it again tomorrow to get a coat her size!”

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