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How to Trade Successfully: How to Trade Well

<< Back to Why should we Trade?  Trading. Finding something of value. Grandma Tara also explained to them, that for trading to work, each party had to think they were getting something slightly better than what they were exchanging.  The trick to successful trading is to find someone who values what you have and then to get something that is slightly higher in value to you than the item you are trading.

So, instead of trading chickens for an old wheelbarrow, if Edna had waited and found something of slightly better value, it may have been easier later to convince people to trade their new coat.  Trading.  UpSell

“Do you remember the news a while back of a young man who traded his paper clip for a house?”

“No way Grandma!” shouted Mira. 

“Yes, every time he traded something, he did just a little bit of up selling  and one year and 14 trades later, he had a house.”

“Wow!” said Teyus amazed.  Trading.  Trade paper clip for house

“Grandma, do you remember the other funny story on trading? The one from Norway about the man who down trades his cow to nothing and his wife still loves him?”

“Ah yes” Grandma replies, ““Gudbrand on the Hillside” is the name and it so reminds me of my neighbour Edna”.  Trading. Gudbrand on the Hillside.

The travellers were laughing at Edna’s story when Grandma suggested a bit of a challenge.  Each of the travellers had to pick one totally insignificant thing, like an eraser or a pencil or even a paper clip and try to trade it over the next few days and see what they end up with. 

The travellers loved the challenge and Teyus gave Mira a bit of a nudge and said with a smile “I’m sure I’ll upsell Mira”.

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