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How to Withdraw & Deposit: Uses of a Debit Card

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Just as she was leaving the bank, she met her friend, the Mayor’s wife and proceeded to tell her all about the amazing machine in the wall of the bank.

“Edna, did you know that you could pay for things with your bank card?” said the Mayor’s wife.

“It’s called a Debit card, and when you pay it automatically removes money from your account! ”

“No need to come to the bank and get money from the machine in the wall?” asked Edna

“Not unless you really want to” replied the mayor’s wife.

Edna smiled!  She knew it would be so much easier to go shopping now.

So off she went with her friend to the scarf shop where she took out her debit card and bought the scarf she saw there.  This was so much more fun that carrying money and looking for change! 

She kept all her receipts in the envelope the bank teller gave her so that she can match it to the statement that will come home. 

But of course, Edna forgot that she actually needs to make sure there is enough money still in her account. Oh no!

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