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Adventures in Egypt: Howard Carter, The Greatest Egyptian Archeologist

<< Back to Arrival in the Valley of the Kings  Mira & Teyus in Egypt. Howard Carter“Sir! Look what we found!” shouted one of them.  The travelers looked up to see a man dressed in a fancy beige suit, with a bow tie and a hat. “Sir! Look what we found snooping around!” shouted one of the men. The travellers looked up to see a man dressed in a fancy beige suit, with a bow tie and a hat standing before them.

“Goodness gracious! I am indeed sorry!” he apologised to the travellers. Dismissing the kidnappers, he introduced himself, “Good day, I’m Howard Carter, Archaeologist. I’ve spent the last 15 years digging around these old stones trying to find the grave of a Pharaoh called Tutankhamun.”

He showed the travellers around the site and told them how the Pyramids were built as tombs for ancient Egyptian kings (Pharaohs). He explained that most of the graves had been broken into and plundered by robbers. That’s why his team had kidnapped them in the first place. They thought the travellers were here to steal. You see, when the ancient Egyptians buried their kings, they put everything they thought they would need for their next life in the grave with them. Gold, wood and in some cases even cooking utensils. They sealed the graves, but the robbers still managed to break into many of them and steal everything!

“My mother is always telling me to keep my things safe” said Mira just then, wondering if she had kept her precious items at home in a safe place.

He invited the children into the excavation tent where his team had gathered everything they had found. It was obvious that in totality, they hadn’t found much just yet.


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