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Explorer Hop Summer Camps at IBM

Description of camps:

Around the World in 5 Days (Ages 7-10) ($325)

Do you have a child who is curious and interested in doing different things?

A fun camp where your child gets to visit different countries around the world and learn about their Geography, History, Art, Music and Culture!  In this camp, every day is different!!  Your child will learn Bollywood Dancing, learn how the Aztecs made chocolate, create their own carpets from the Great Silk Route and learn about conservation by creating their own little eco-aquarium. And so much more!  We promise, this will be the best camp you have enrolled your child in.  


Camp Millionaire (Ages 10 - 12) ($350)

Would you like your child to understand money but not sure how to start? 

Our Camp Millionaire is a fun introduction to money management and investment.  Your child will learn how to save, budget and make choices that make sense to them. At the end of the week your child will be able to read the financial section of the newspaper and make sense of it.  Topics your child will be an expert in by the end of the week:  Stocks, Mutual Funds, Precious Metals, Insurance and Debt. Be prepared to be seriously impressed by their knowledge! 

Your child will also play a virtual stock market challenge where they invest $10,000.  Do not underestimate how financially savvy your child is!  Kids often do better than most professionals! Last year, our Investment Challenge winner (age 10) made over $3000 in 5 days. (seriously!) 


Young Entrepreneurs (Ages 12-14) ($350   NOW $250) (Sale) 

Do you have a child who wants to try starting their own business? 

Our camp is designed to teach your child how to start their own start-ups.  We cover things like testing an idea, prototyping, sales, marketing, operations, finance and using digital media to get funding and coverage.  Probably the most fun educational program for kids ages 12-14.

Graduates from last summer went on to create their own drone photography business, 3D printing business, gluten free cookie business and a sparkling slime business and earned over $10,000 since September.  

Price for this camp has been reduced to encourage more kids to learn how to start up their own businesses.  We believe deeply in innovation and want to encourage kids to create and implement ways to make our lives better.  Save $100 on this camp, and be the first to invest in your own child's startup! 


When is it?

  •  August 12-16,
  • 9.15am - 4.30pm
  • Children can be dropped off at 8.30am and picked up at 5pm for no extra charge. (After 5pm charges apply.)

Registration information:   Register today at > IBM Summer Camps


About Us:

Explorer Hop was created by a Mum-Dad-Daughter trio with the goal of creating a fun way for kids to learn about new cultures and become money savvy. We launched in 2017 and have been growing leaps and bounds in the last year.  In Summer 2018 we had over a hundred campers who all learnt about different cultures and how to invest money or start their own businesses!  Learn more about us here

In one year, we have received the following accolades:

Our Programs:

  • We have been selected to run our programs at the very prestigious University of Toronto, OISE, Lab School (Dr. Eric Jackman Institute of Child Study), and other private schools. 
  • We have also been invited to partner with Meridian Credit Union as part of their Youth Outreach program to provide financial literacy education to Youth and Women.

Community Outreach:

  • As part of our community outreach, 2 spots in every camp are available for those who cannot afford to go to camp.  If you would like to be considered for these spots, please email us at  All information is kept confidential. 
  • We also run a very successful Affiliate Program for Women.  This enables all females (age 14+) to get a second stream of income.  If you are interested, please complete the form here:
  • Volunteer hours are available.  Certificate will be provided.  Please email us at


Contact Information:

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