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Adventure in Australia: In the Big Blue Sea

<< Click here to read Where the whole story started  Mira & Teyus in Australia.  Landing in the Big Blue Sea

SPLASH! And another SPPPLLAASHH!!! Luctus velo and the travellers went crashing into the sea. Grabbing for each other with one hand, they held on to Luctus with the other. They kicked as hard as they could, working together to surface with Luctus. Mira, as usual, had landed them in an awkward spot.  

“MIRA!” spluttered Teyus. He was barely able to keep his head out of the water long enough to say anything else. Teyus made sure to grab Hari who obviously never had swim lessons, holding Luctus with his other hand. Mira kept on swimming, dragging Hari by whatever limb was free. Finally, she could feel something under her feet so just for a second she took a rest.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Beautiful Big Blue Salty SeaLooking around, Mira saw nothing but water. Beautiful blue salty water, and lots of it. They were obviously in the middle of a sea. Now that they were able to stand for a moment, without having to swim, she thought about how to get everyone out of the situation. She couldn’t help but notice Hari’s worried face though, who looked resigned to the fact that his companions will surely shorten his life and that he may never return home. 

She reached into her wet bag and took out the Anulap, it read:

‘June 30, 1975, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.’

It continued, ‘you are standing on top of some coral, so get off it’. 

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