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Insurance: Introduction

Edna was worried.  She had just heard from her cousin that their house flooded, and they had no idea what to do.  All their life savings were finished! 

She told Jonah that they must figure out a way to protect their savings and their livestock.  She counted how many animals there were on the farm and what it would cost to replace them.  There was no way she and Jonah could afford to replace the cows and chickens! 

She told Jonah who confessed that he was also worried about this.  He also told him about Farmer Peter’s work horse.  He got sick one day and could no longer work on the farm.  Farmer Peter had to do all the work by hand and it was really hard. 

Edna also remembered what happened after her own father passed away and how difficult it was for her mother to manage to pay for things and take care of her. 

This was very heavy on their head and hearts.

“Let’s go talk to the Bank Manager” suggested Jonah who was very impressed with how smart the bank manager was.

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