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Adventure in India: It's Falling Apart!

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Just then, Teyus noticed that something was wrong!  He was alarmed to see that the ramp which had been carrying immense loads for the past 12 years was falling apart! Quite literally its sides were falling off!!

“Oh boy! What a time to break down!” he muttered as he saw the King approaching.  He and Mira looked at each other and knew they had to do something.  This was to be one of the greatest moments in history and it could not stop now!

In the blink of an eye, Mira rolled the large vat of spices from Hari’s shop under the ramp to prevent it from caving in. 

Teyus had jumped to the top of the nearby shop and was trying to use the corkscrew function on his multi-utility knife to remove the roof.  He pushed the knife into a peg holding down the roof, turned it with all his might. He was able to screw it in, much like his dad opened a bottle of wine.  With a little more effort, he was able to pull the peg out and dislodge the roof.

Nearby, there was a pulley suspended by a rope carrying a load of bricks.  He flipped open the large blade on his multi-utility knife and cut the rope.

The bricks tumbled down the pulley, then rolled down the dislodged roof and fell below the ramp, making it stronger.  From a distance, Hari saw what Teyus had done and soon started to do the same.  One by one, all the vendors took the roofs off their shops and used them to send large bricks from the pulleys down to the ramp.  Mira & Teyus in India.  Elephant walking on the rampTHUD! THUD! They could hear the sound of the elephant coming.  Everyone stood still and hoped for the best.  The large elephant, weighing almost 12,000 pounds or the same weight as 130 middle school kids, was now on the ramp. 

Will the ramp hold up?

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