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Job Position - Machine Learning Engineer

Machine Learning Engineer

(Base salary)

Duration: May 2021 - February 2022

We are looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated addition to our growing Engineering team. The position offers a unique opportunity to be part of a small, fast-growing, challenging environment, that takes on Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship education around the world.


  • You’ll be working with frontend and backend engineers building company projects
  • Build end-to-end machine learning solutions to solve complex customer problems
  • Working closely with Infrastructure architects to design scalable and cost-effective solutions
  • Develop measurements and feedback systems
  • A degree in computer science, statistics, or related fields
  • School transcript required
  • Strong math and statistics background
  • High proficiency in Python
  • Familiarity with Django, Algorithmic trading, or JavaScript
  • This position is funded by the Government of Canada, as a result the candidate must be under the age of 30 years and a holder of PR or a Canadian Citizenship.

If you're passionate about data science, and are eager to learn and grow, please apply!

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