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Keep Money Safe: Be Careful at ATMs

<< Back to Keep your Money in a Bank  Keeping Money Safe. ATM Card“Not too long after, Jonah and Edna were invited to a wedding in another town. By this time, Edna had deposited her money in a bank and was not going to take any more chances. She went to the bank to take some money out and the manager told her that it’s safer and easier to carry an ATM card.

That card is called an Automated Teller Machine card or ATM card. The bank manager told her that this way she would only have to keep one thing safe and can get money from any bank she wanted, whenever she wanted! Edna was delighted. She kept this card safely in her purse and was quite happy with her progress from a shoebox under the bed.  Keeping Money Safe Avoid Dark and Dingy ATMsWhen they arrived in the other town for the wedding, Edna needed to pull out some money for the trip. She didn’t want anyone to see her, so she walked down an alley to the darkest, loneliest ATM in the area. She put her card in the slot and said her secret code aloud to the machine. She then ‘withdrew some money’ (that’s just a fancy way to say ‘taking out money from a bank’).

As she turned around, she shouted because there in front of her was the meanest looking robber she had ever seen. Not only did he take her card and money, but she also dropped her umbrella running away from him!  Keeping Money Safe.  Robber at the ATM  Keeping Money Safe. Avoid Dark ATMsJonah grumbled when she told him. He said, “How many times have I told you to not go to dark and lonely ATM machines!”

So, Rule Number 3: Don’t go to dark or lonely ATMs and don’t say your pin out loud.”

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