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Keep Money Safe: Guard your Card

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“Poor Edna, no matter what she did with her money, she seemed to lose it. A few months later, she and Jonah were going on a holiday.  Keeping Money Safe.  Guard your credit cardBy then, the bank manager had given her a different card which he called a ‘Credit Card’. He explained that she can use the card to buy anything she wants and the bank would give it to her on ‘credit’. (Credit is just a fancy way of saying a loan from a bank or credit company).

The manager told her she could then pay it back to the bank when the money was due. Keeping Money Safe.  Buying with a credit cardEdna thought it was a brilliant idea. So brilliant, she got two cards one for her and one for Jonah. She put both the cards together in her wallet to keep them safe. Soon after, they set out on their holiday, determined to relax. After a few hours of sightseeing, they happened upon a store. Edna decided to buy a new scarf and took out her new credit card to pay for it. It was all so smooth, she couldn’t believe it! Keeping Money Safe. Crying after loosing card.A little while later they came to a jewellery shop and Edna decided to buy herself a bracelet. She took out her purse but couldn’t find the wallet or the cards! Oh no! She had lost the cards! She had probably forgotten them at the last stop!  Guard your Card.  Remember the contact of your bank.Jonah had a suggestion, “Use the card you got for me.”

But Edna couldn’t because she had kept both together in her wallet and they were both lost!

Jonah then said, “Well, lets phone the bank and tell them so that they don’t let anyone else use them.”

But they couldn’t do that because Edna hadn’t got the bank information or the credit card numbers!  Guard your CardSo, Rule Number 4: Guard your cards. Always stash them in different places and carry your account and bank customer service numbers when you travel.”

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