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Keep Money Safe: Protect your Devices with Passwords

<< Back to Guard your Card  Guard your Card. Edna gets a phoneExplorerHop. Keeping Money Safe.  Edna gets a phone“One day, Jonah bought Edna a fancy smart phone so he could reach her when she was away. Edna was delighted! She quickly put her credit card information into the phone and went into to the village to show all of her friends. She loved how people in the coffee shop were paying with their phones and wanted to do the same!  Keeping Money Safe. Edna gets a phone. Keeping Money Safe.  Edna forgets her phone in the cafe. Well, as you may expect, she forgot her phone on the table at the café!  Keeping Money Safe. Robber stealing phoneWhen she got home and called the phone company, she found out that someone else had been using her phone! They had made calls all over the world and used her data, which cost a lot of money. What’s more, they had also used her phone to buy many cakes and coffees at the café!

She was crying again when Jonah came home.  Keeping Money Safe. Using a Password on your Devices“Why didn’t you just put a password on your phone?” Jonah asked.  Keeping Money Safe.  Rule 5 protect with a passwordSo, the final rule is: Protect all your devices and all your accounts with passwords that are easy to remember but hard to crack.”

The children nodded their heads. Mira now had a better idea how to keep her money and valuables safe and Teyus knew he had to find a better place to keep his precious things.

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