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Keeping Money Safe: Worries and an Egyptian Meal

<< Back to Adventures in Egypt  Mira & Teyus in Egypt. Pyramids, Hieroglyphics and moreGrandma was waiting impatiently by the door for the travellers. They were later than normal today and she couldn’t help but wonder which adventure they would be returning from. Just then as she couldn’t wait much longer, the door burst open and in they ran.

“King Tutankhamun!” they shouted!

“Treasures! Trinkets! Curses!” The travellers had so much to tell her!

“Wait a minute, what are we having for a snack today?” asked Teyus, looking at the dishes on the table and hungry as usual.  Mira & Teyus in Egypt. Umm AliI was over at the Middle Eastern bakery on Lawrence Avenue East and picked up some Baladi pita bread.” Grandma said, pointing to the whole wheat flatbread that looked like a pita. She continued, “My old neighbor, Mrs. Ali, was there and she gave me two very special recipes. One was for Ful Mesdames which is an Egyptian beans dish, and Umm Ali which is an Egyptian bread pudding. So, while I was waiting for you, I decided to make those as well...”

Before she could finish her thought, the travellers darted to the table to enjoy the  Mira & Teyus in Egypt. Foul Mesdames  Keeping Money Safe. Worried about money.“Grandma, I’m worried about my money and my precious things,” said Mira, explaining how robbers had stolen so much from the pharaoh’s tombs. She was worried that someone might steal her things.

Teyus interjected, “I always hide my things in a secret place.”

Mira scoffed, “Yes, I know. But that shoebox under the bed is so obvious! Everyone knows what you have in there!” Teyus was not amused. Keeping Money Safe. Hiding money below the bed.“Well, let me tell you a story”, Grandma said “and after this you’ll be able to figure out how to keep your money and your precious items safer.”

Both the travellers were now listening quite intently.



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