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Adventure in Australia: Meeting the wise Aboriginal Ngangkari

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The travellers told Matilda about Luctus and the map that Hari obtained in London

“Well, the ‘treasures underneath’ are exactly where we were!” Matilda said, but she couldn’t help them anymore unfortunately. When they got to land however, she explained the situation to her dad. He thought it was best to take them to see the Ngangkari, who are the traditional healers and leaders in the aboriginal community.  Mira & Teyus in Australia.  Kangaroo and Koala

They drove past tropical forests and saw kangaroos, wallabies (they are like kangaroos just smaller), the cutest koalas in the trees. Eventually, they came to the Ngangkari.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Aboriginal Painting

He saw Hari and smiled, “I have been waiting for you” he said. The old man continued, “I cannot take you home, but I can help you get there.” With that, he drew them a picture of a turtle, fish and some circles. “Keep this with you” he told Hari, “It will come in use”.

Hari slipped it into his pocket but the travellers were now really confused. Where should they go now? Had they got what they needed to get?

Hari was sad, he had been hoping to get better clues and find his way home. He was grateful to his friends, but missed his family and his normal life back in India.  Mira & Teyus in Australia.  MapThey thanked everyone and got ready to leave. Just as they were leaving, the map in Hari’s pocket starting vibrating. They all looked expectantly as Hari opened it. On the map was a glowing image similar to the drawing they had received from the Ngangkari and the words “We are a land older than most and the first to map the stars”.

What could that possibly mean?

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