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Mission: Make money in the Stock Market

Mira and Teyus heard all about the Stock Market from Granny and decided to try it out.  Both of them were saving for something special and investing smartly would make it easier to get what they want.  

Your mission is to help Mira and Teyus invest their money smartly in the Stock Market.  

Here is what you need to do: 

  1. Decide what company you want to invest in. (Hint: Follow Granny's 4 rules of investing)
  2. What does this company do?
  3. Look up their TICKER SYMBOL. ( You can do this by simply searching searching online for the company name + ticket symbol )
  4. Why do you think it's a good investment?
  5. Let's follow the company for a few days and see if there is pattern with the prices. 
  6. Would you spend all of Mira's and Teyus's money in this investment?

Try it out with different companies and their ticker symbols.  You will get 40 Explorer Points for this mission. 

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