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Mission: Negotiate a Free Trade Agreement

The Mayor of Luctusville has been invited to trade with a town half way across the world called Igshire. He is thinking of having a special free trade agreement between the two towns. However, the residents of Luctusville are not all in agreement.  Free Trade Agreement MissionYou see, Luctusville grows the most delicious organic and hand-picked strawberries, whereas Igshire grows its strawberries using pesticides and harvests them by machine. This means they can sell them at half the cost as those grown in Luctusville.

Half the residents of Luctusville are worried that if there is a free trade agreement, cheap strawberries, from Igshire will flood the market and no one will want to buy the more expensive locally-grown organic strawberries. However, the other half residents are very happy to have cheaper strawberries. 

Your challenge is to help the Mayor of Luctusville decide what kind of an agreement he should have with Igshire.

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