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Opening a Bank Account: Introduction

Mira and Teyus were very excited.  Today, they were going to open their first bank account! Grandma had agreed to take them but they had so many questions that she decided to tell them a story of her friend Edna from their village and how they opened their first account. 


Opening your first account

Edna and Jonah were happy together.  Jonah had brought in a good crop this year in his farm and Edna was happy with her chickens.  They had even saved up a little bit of money together. 

Jonah decided it was time to take his money from the jar at home and put it somewhere safer.  The mayor’s wife had told Edna that she keeps her money in a bank, so now Edna thought this must be the best place to keep it.  She also thought of hiding it in the chicken coop but knew from the last time that may not turn out so well.

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