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How to Save: Samosa, Chai Latte and a bit of Savings

"The Taj Mahal!” The travellers were shouting in excitement, unable to control themselves. “We were at the opening of the one and only Taj Mahal!”  Samosas. Chai and Savings

Grandma Tara looked quite confused, she had just returned from the Indian shop on Gerrard Street with samosas and chai latte. Without missing a beat, Mira and Teyus told her in great detail about their incredible trip to India and about their new friend Hari.

“Well, sit down and try these goodies while you tell me more about it” said Granny.
Teyus couldn’t stop thinking about Hari’s aunt in India and the delicious sweet balls he had there. He told Grandma Tara how she had saved up money and bought her own store.

“That’s pretty cool” said Mira affirming her admiration for the lady.  Golden Rules of Saving.  Granny getting money as a girl. Grandma chuckled, she remembered how years ago, 62 years to be specific, her father had taught her how to properly save money. She passed that knowledge on to her kids and now it was Mira and Teyus’ turn. She told them how surprised they were going to be with what one can buy if one saves for something special. 

“I haven’t got a clue how to save” said Mira, chomping into her second samosa.

“You probably need a lot of money to save for something as expensive as a sweet shop” added Teyus.

“No! No! No!” exclaimed Granny, who knew a fair bit about saving money. She went on, “You can start saving with a penny. My father always said ‘Save a penny here. Save a penny there. The next thing you know you have 100 million pennies’. That would be one million dollars.”  Golden Rules of Saving. Mira in 100 million pennies"A hundred million pennies!” Mira quipped, chuckling at the thought of her trying to put all those pennies in her pockets. “I would make a bed out of a penny heap, ten feet tall!”

“Stop being silly!” retorted Teyus, who really wanted to get his sweet shop. You see, Teyus really is all about food.

“Look, it’s simple” said Granny, “You start with whatever money you have. Both of you get pocket money, and you get money for birthdays and Christmas."

“But I spend it all!” said Mira

“On what?” asked Granny

“Books!” said Mira.

“On Candy” said Teyus.

Grandma grinned and shook her head, “Well, listen to this story and tell me what you can do to get closer to your goals.”

The children nodded in approval. Granny continued, "So, the Golden Rules of Saving are the easiest ways for anyone to save money. Listen carefully, for these are important to know."

Let's check out these Golden Rules of Saving >>

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