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Invest in Gold: A Discussion of Gold over Tea

Grandma Tara opened the front door and there in front of her was Mira and Teyus. Each one talking a mile a minute, trying to get in every little detail about their trip to London.  Mira & Teyus Invest in Gold.  Tea and Scones with Grandma.“Grandma interrupted, “Now, slow down, one at a time. First, come in and eat some scones and drink some fruit tea that I just picked up at the store.”

The travellers could not slow down, they had so much to tell her! Grandma listened to every single detail with her eyes wide open, amazed at what she was hearing. She could not believe what an amazing adventure they had been on.  Mira & Teyus in London. The Queen's Jewels.Teyus told her how the Queen’s jewels were kept in the Tower of London which reminded him of what his dad was always saying about investing in gold. Grandma chuckled and remembered how many years ago when she had just started working, her own father had told her to invest in gold as well. 

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