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Slime to Save AnimalS

This is how 5 students from Toronto's Bayview Glen Independent School combined their interests and passions with their love for animals to raise money for Toronto Zoo through Explorer Hop's Young Entrepreneurs Program.

How 5 Bayview Glen kids gave Slime a new purpose

Grades 4-7 Kids enrolled in our Young Entrepreneurs Program,
launched their own book and raised funds for the community.

The Inspiration

Slime, that gooey substance that kids aged 6+ can't wait to get their hands into, was the driving inspiration behind this project for our students. Our Young Entrepreneurs recognized an opportunity to capitalize on an in demand product by creating a DIY recipe book that was not only friendly for all ages, but being delivered as a digital product was also friendly for sales and distribution during a global pandemic.

The Cause

All proceeds from the book’s sales will be go to Toronto Zoo - one of the world's premier animal conservation sites. The students felt strongly about this cause, wanting to ensure that the Zoo had the support it needed to continue to take care of all the animals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Creation of the Book

The Young Entrepreneurs spent six weeks creating this book. A process consisting of researching recipes, taping slime making tutorial videos, and writing and formatting the pages of the book. In the end the students had created a 59 page book, complete with recipes ranging from easy to hard levels and tips and tricks for interested slime enthusiasts

Marketing & Sales

The creation of this book was a great opportunity for students to learn about fundamental marketing and sales concepts such as the sales funnel. The Young Entrepreneurs created and delivered a sales pitch to their classes and recorded a video presentation that was played at a school assembly to spread awareness. The students also gained hands-on experience at creating an online store to sell their book.

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