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Thank you for inquiring about our 2018 Summer Camps

Our 2018 Summer Camps have now ended.  Registration for 2019 Summer Camps will start in November.  In the meantime, check out  the interesting classes we are offering in Fall 2018

Wondering what happens in an Explorer Hop program? 

Read our Blog of what we did at camp

Here is a snapshot of what our campers learnt. 

Camp Millionaire:  

  • Kids learnt everything they need to read a financial newspaper. 
  • Campers took part in an investment challenge where they played the stock market. They were each given $10,000 to invest in. They learnt about different products, how to invest and what to look out for.
  • Our 2018 winners are: 

James (age 10)  - gained $3000 on 5 days (30% profit) 

Ashley (age 11) - gained $1176 in 5 days (11% profit)

Around the World in 5 Days:

Campers went on a journey across all continents.  They learnt about the Taj Mahal, then moved over to the Renaissance in Italy,  Festivals in South America, Ancient Egyptian Civilization and much more! 

Future Farmers: 

A camp that mixes FUN with EXTREME INNOVATION.  In this camp, kids grow produce using hydroponics and acquaponics in a State-of-the-Art Sustainable Farm.  They learn how to start their own company and sell things. 

In the course of 45 minutes, the kids sold $200 worth of produce!!

Learn more about our Fall 2018 programs

Learn more about our Fall 2018 programs

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