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The Kon-Tiki Adventure: Kon-Tiki Leaves Land

<< Back to Kon-Tiki Is Born  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki. Lorita the parrot.Eventually the raft was filled with its supplies and it was time to set sail. The crew were overjoyed to start the voyage including Lorita, the only female on board. Well, everyone except Thor Heyerdahl. He didn't know how to swim and was scared of the Pacific. In addition he was already missing his family.  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki.  Thor on the carpet.It was at this time that Hari gave him the rug made of magical thread that they had gotten in Uzbekistan. Hari implored the man to quickly sit on the rug before they left. As he sat down, all his worries disappeared and the stress of the trip just evaporated. Thor thanked Hari by giving him a bear hug and some sea shells he had collected on the beach.  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki. Exchanging presentsAs the crew were making their final preparations, the travellers told Heyerdahl about their adventures and how they were trying to get Hari back home.

Thor Heyerdahl listened intently and gave them a piece of Balsa wood. He said it would come in use.

It was getting late and time to go back to Toronto.  As the kids were about to leave, Hari reached into his pocket and got out a dozen lemons. “To prevent scurvy” he said.

Hari broke the coconut he had received in the Philippines on the stern of the raft for good luck. They wished Heyerdahl all the very best.  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki.  Mira dreams of reading about the adventure.“See you in about 70 years in my history class” thought Mira to herself as she watched the raft launch into the water and meander out into the Pacific.

The travellers jumped on Luctus Velo. Hari took a deep breath and opened his map. The familiar glow emanated from the map and brightened up the kids’ faces as they looked on. In the centre was a piece of wood and below it the words:

You can use me to write with.

What could that possibly mean?  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki. Map with clue.  Mira & Teyus on Kon Tiki.  Raft in the ocean. Vote!  Where Should The Travellers Go Next? >>

Mission: Create Your Own Raft >>

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