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the learning lounge Leaside

 Programs at the learning lounge. 

Grades SK - 1 Grades 2-5 Grades 6-8 Grades 9-12 Adults
Funtastic Yoga Funtastic Yoga Teen Entrepreneurs Teen Entrepreneurs Women Entrepreneurs
Junior LEGO Robots Junior Engineer Kids Learn about Money 1.0 Teens learn about Money 1.0 Ladies learn about Money 1.0
Creative Math Kids Learn about Money 2.0 Teens learn about Money 2.0 Ladies learn about Money 2.0
Creative Science Teens learn about Money 3.0 Yoga Mornings
Bonjour French Meditation
Ni Hao Mandarin
Young Entrepreneurs (Grades 4-6)
Around the World (Grades 1-3)


Pick up from schools: 

We offer free pick ups for your child from the following schools: 

  • Maurice Cody,
  • Hodgson,
  • Eglinton Junior Public Academy,
  • Sunnybrook School,
  • The York School

All children walk to the learning lounge on foot.  We need the following conditions to be met to qualify for free pick ups. 

  • Atleast 5 kids from the same school should be attending programs on that day.  (The best way is to email parents in your school and put a group together). 
  • Kids who are picked up need to be registered for at least 2 programs on the day of pick up.  Kids should be in Grades 2-5.  


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