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Adventure in Australia: The Shark Encounter

<< Back to Getting out from the Bottom of the Ocean  Mira & Teyus in Australia. The Great Shark

Just as he was about to enter, he felt something tug his flipper. It was a great white shark!! A look of horror came across his face and he froze, unable to move from fear. As Mira was trying to fix the emergency radio system oblivious to what was happening anywhere else, Matilda ran to the emergency hatch and pulled Teyus in.

Just barely saving him from the shark that was only millimetres away! If the shark had entered the hatch, there’s no telling how much damage would have been done. Not to mention, they would certainly have become shark food.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Chilli Pepper

As Matilda pulled Teyus in through the airlock door, Hari took something from his pocket and threw it into the shark’s mouth. 

They slammed the door shut and peeked out the window just in time to see the shark spit out whatever was in his mouth. The menacing Great White swam around the submarine, gave it a nudge and left.  Mira & Teyus in Australia. Mira on the Radio

Oh boy! That was close! They sat down shaking and thankful. Mira, who had been working in the front of the submarine had no idea what just happened looked up and said, “I think we managed to fix it.”

Without waiting for a response, she pressed some more buttons and finally they could hear a crackling noise on the radio!

They were finally able to get help, eventually getting towed off the bottom by a bigger tourist submarine. 

“WOW!” said Teyus summing up his experience in one word. While they were being towed to the surface, they told Mira about the shark.

“What did you give the shark?” asked Mira, who was always surprised at what comes from Hari’s pockets.

“Hot chilli peppers” he answered with a cheeky grin. Everyone in the sub had a really good laugh.

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