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The Stock Market: Cronuts, Pizza and the Basics of the Stock Market

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Mira and Teyus came in to Granny’s house

Mira and Teyus came in to Granny’s house hungry and full of excitement. They couldn’t wait to tell Granny about their adventures in New York. Teyus wanted to tell her about Wall Street because he knew Granny was quite an investment whiz. He had often heard people at parties ask her for “stock tips”.

They ran into Granny’s kitchen to find a table full of food. Not only was Granny very smart with money, she was also really good in the kitchen. Granny put straws into their Pink Lemonade Floats while they told Granny all about New York City and ate some “cronuts” and New York Style pizza with it’s thin crust.

“Granny, what exactly is a stock market?”, Teyus asked.

“And what does “make a killing” in the stock market mean?” Mira enquired as she had heard her dad say that several times.

Granny took a large gulp of the pink lemonade. This was going to be a fun chat with the travellers.

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