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Update on our Summer Camps

Dear Parents,

During these challenging times due to COVID-19, we wanted to check in and send you and your family our well wishes and update you on our operations here at Explorer Hop. 

As we look ahead to the summer, we want you to know that we are committed to running our summer camps and programs within the legal requirements and recommendations by the Ontario government, Chief Medical Officer and Ontario Summer Camps Association. Please be assured that the health of our students and instructors is our #1 priority. Our team is fully trained on the most up-to-date social distancing and hygiene guidelines. We are also proactively working to determine how we will be able to maintain social distancing at our centre and for our outdoor activities. 

In the next few weeks, as information becomes available, we will share specific and detailed information with you as soon as possible for whichever reality we face:  social distancing in our centre at 556 Mt Pleasant Rd, remote-learning through technology, or a hybrid of the two models. The experience for your child will be intentionally designed to maximize learning and enjoyment within prescribed Government protocols. 

Lockdowns and social distancing have challenged many of us to think of alternative ways to continue to grow and nurture our kids. Explorer Hop has accepted this challenge and has created an online atmosphere where students are continuing to excel.  Our programs are 100% interactive and run in real-time.  Students are able to learn independently from the safety of their homes without parental support.  They have created such outstanding initiatives, that we have had a number of CEOs from several large organizations meet with our students virtually, giving them a real perspective of the business and social world.

Foraying into the e-Learning space has been a business decision that we were working towards but has been executed aggressively due to COVID-19. While it has been a resounding success, a productive result of it is the international experience our students are now part of.  Our “camp groups” are composed of kids who could come from Toronto, New York, London, Ireland, Sao Paolo, Dubai and more, a valuable exercise in global team building, making our kids even more prepared for the future.

Over the past 7 weeks, Explorer Hop students have accomplished the following: 

Our Young Entrepreneurs (ages 8-13) have: 

  • Launched over 30 businesses which raised more than $16,000
  • Published four books on Amazon — one of which was reviewed by Readers Digest, and another one which has a foreword written by the CEO of the Canadian Mental Health Association  
  • Launched multiple social media and graphic design businesses. 
  • Launched an initiative that provided 1200 kids in Rwanda, Africa with music lessons.  Students from Dubai, the Netherlands, France, Ottawa, and Toronto, joined to create a virtual orchestra which performed to a sold-out global audience and raised the funds needed for this. 
  • Launched an initiative that provided 6000 meals to a local food bank.  The hockey team that joined us to create this project was also featured on CityTV evening news.  
  • Launched a kid business that provides funds to Kids Help Line.  The business continuously deploys funds and is targeting to help over 50 kids in Canada have access to immediate mental health support.

Our Camp Millionaire students (ages 10-14) have: 

  • Launched their own investment portfolios. Their financial knowledge has progressed from learning about stocks and investing to building their own mutual funds with global currency and market exposures.  
  • Over the past 7 weeks they have progressed from having little knowledge of their own to being able to actively trade their own stocks and create portfolios with global equity exposure.
These are statistics few other kids’ programs are able to match

We are proud of the successes of students in our recent online programs and are excited to provide online experiences that your child will find exciting and challenging.  

As a not-for-profit organization, we continuously deploy our funds to serve the larger community.  Our philosophy is to provide educational opportunities to children who would otherwise not be able to attend due to financial reasons.  Over the past year more than 500 students have benefited from our programs on a bursary. No student is ever turned away because of finances. The impact on these children is notable as we help them prepare for a successful future. During the past few weeks of COVID, we have offered free programs to approximately 100 children whose parents are on the Medical Front Line.  Your support has made this good deed possible and we cannot be more thankful for your understanding. In order for us to continue to help those in our community, your lasting support and advocacy for our programs is vital.  

Our summer camps are small and while we are still waiting to hear from the authorities about in-person day camps, we are proactively offering our families who have registered for summer camp the following options: 

  1. A credit for the amount you spent.  Our e-programs are currently priced between $100 - $250 for a 5-day program, which allows your child to participate in 2-4 times more summer camp options than they may have originally anticipated. If families prefer, the credit can be used at any point in the future for our after-school, weekend or other camps. The credit may also be used by other family members or friends.
  1. Donate the amount to help a child in need.  While our not-for-profit status does not allow us to provide a charitable tax receipt (you need to be a registered charity for that), we can send you an update of what the child you sponsored has accomplished after they complete the program. On a personal note, I can tell you that there are too many families who are really hurting these days and this contribution can have a significant positive impact on them. 

As with our in-person camps, our online camps are also tailored to meet the interests of the campers as this ensures a fun and educationally stimulating environment for kids.  In order for us to prepare for your child, we kindly request that you complete the form below, and let us know your preferred option.   

Thank you for your understanding

- Team Explorer Hop



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