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ExplorerHop's Daily Quiz (Fall 2018 programs)

The Quiz is designed for Level 2 but Level 1 can play as well.   It's totally optional if you want to participate. 


  • PARENTS PLEASE DO NOT HELP.  It's ok if they get it wrong. 
  • The first winner with the correct answer gets $100 boost. You have to click and press the SUBMIT button for your response to register.  
  • On SUPER EDNA DAYS  the boost could rise to $500. 
  • The boost will stay for 5 days in your portfolio and then disappear.  You can buy shares with your boost. 


Day: November 15, 2018

THIS IS EDNA POWER BOOST!!!!  Give your opinion and the one who can justify it the best gets $500 in your portfolio.   

Previous Winners: 

Nov 15th, 2018 ($500 power boost)


Nov 2nd, 2018 ($500 power boost) 

Winner:  CHAAYA


Oct 27th, 2018  ($100 boost!):

Winner:  CHAAYA


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