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Mirabella Kolodkin

Mirabella Kolodkin

At only 10 years of age, our co-founder Mirabella came up with the idea of creating programs that could teach kids about money.  

She had observed that a lot of kids did not know how to manage money, or even have bank accounts and how much different their lives would be if they could manage their finances properly!  

She has been involved quite a bit into the business and has played a significant part in Explorer Hop's growth.  Mirabella, now in Grade 10, is also a keen trader and was on the Wharton Investment Challenge team that stood top 3% worldwide.  

She is also a provincially ranked debater, a talented musician who will be performing at Carnegie Hall and an avid sailor.  



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  • You have come a long way since met in London all those years ago. So proud of you and your dear mom. Am waiting for the right moment to get my girls onto your website to learn to understand and manage their pocket money. Have a wonderful winter break and hope to see you in Mallorca some day. Much love and keep shining.


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