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Top Financial Literacy Program in Canada for Kids & Women

3 years                     1000+ Kids                     Over $10K raised in Kid Businesses

Explorer Hop offers innovative after-school programs and summer camps that equip kids with real-life skills in a fun, stress-free learning environment. While money management and entrepreneurship is at our core, we have a diverse range of programs, from STEM workshops to global studies, that empower kids with practical creativity to become successful students now and the leaders of tomorrow.

What makes us different

Practical Creativity

Enhance natural curiosity for future success


Create solutions to solve world problems


Be empowered and become a change maker

Support our Young Entrepreneurs

Blog posts

Helping kids thrive under lockdowns and quarantine

Last week, I had a rather eye opening discussion with a student.  In the age to COVID-19, our classes have moved from...

8 tips to keep our kids learning in the time of COVID-19

Worried how to keep your child occupied while school is out? Check out our tips on how keep them learning and occupied!

Why your child should know about your will and financial estate planning

As a financial literacy expert, I am a strong believer that financial and estate planning needs to happen throughout ...

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