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Young Entrepreneurs: Start your own Bakery

Young Entrepreneurs: Start your own Bakery

Week 2, November 15, 2019

What a fun day! I was honestly trying not to laugh as hard as they were.  

We accomplished a lot today inspite of the constant bursts of laughter.  

They have raised $400 for Sick Kids which is amazing!

1) Finished their logo.  Here is the final version

2) Created their first social media post on Instagram and posted their first story

Check out their post on our page @explorerhop

3) Created their online store.  Place your orders now!!

4) Learnt about all the preservatives that go into commercial breads like Wonder Bread and saw the different types of flour that is used.  

For parents: 

1) Please share the link of their online shop with everyone.

2) Drop off and pick up next week is at THOBORS, 627 Mount Pleasant Road. The plan is that they will make all the bread tomorrow.  This bread will then be put in a freezer and be baked on Dec 6 when they have the sale. 

3) Please send them with their hair tied up and no baggy clothes.  Also, please send them in clothes that can get messy as bread flour has a way of getting everywhere. 


Week 1, November 8, 2019

We've had a great first day.  The kids learnt the basics of starting a business and picked a charity to raise funds for.  The charity they picked was Sick Kids.  They also made their first GoFundMe campaign.  Each child has a target of $17 to raise this week.  Parents are NOT allowed to contribute, not are they allowed to donate from their own funds.  They need to come up with innovative ideas to raise money for their business. 

We also divided them into groups for specific tasks (Marketing, Sales, Finance and Operations) and next week they will change their tasks.  

Here is the link to their GoFundMe Campaign.  Please feel free to share with your friends and family.  You have all been added as team members so they can see the progress on it.  If you want to add others here is the link

Link address:

Next week they come back to Explorer Hop where we will learn about the food business and they will learn about the different types of grains and inputs needed in baking.  We will also be learning about raising awareness and start talking about funnel marketing. 

Enjoy the week! 



Hi Everyone

We are so excited to be meeting all the kids tomorrow. Please bookmark this page as we will update it after every class so you and your child can both see what amazing things they accomplished. 

This is going to be such an amazing program! 

Here is all the information you need during the course of the program: 

1) If you haven't already done so, please send in your information forms.  The insurance company does require that we get it before the program starts. 

2) Here is the schedule of where to take the kids on which days: 

Nov 8:  Explorer Hop, 556 Mount Pleasant Road

Nov 15: Explorer Hop, 556 Mount Pleasant Road

Nov 21: Thobors, 627 Mount Pleasant Road - ask for the wonderful Emelie. 

Nov 28: Explorer Hop, 556 Mount Pleasant Road

Dec 6:  Arrive at Explorer Hop and we will go together to Thobors. Pick up is at Thobors.

Timing: 4.30 - 6.30pm

3) Please send your child with a snack as 2 hours on Friday afternoons can make them pretty hungry. 

4) Please note they are not allowed to use phones during the program.  If they must bring one, please talk to them to make sure that it is kept in their bags.  

 5) They will be creating a GoFundMe campaign tomorrow so if they have a charity they are passionate about, please ask them to do some research and it will be voted on by the team. 

See you tomorrow! 


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