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Young Entrepreneurs (Sunnybrook School)

Young Entrepreneurs (Sunnybrook School)

Week 3: Oct 24, 2019

The kids are very excited about their business.  

Team Purple has created a fantastic logo for their business.  

Team Blue has completed their detailled list of everything they need for the hot chocolate stand.

Team Red and Green have been doing research and getting permissions to market and advertize their hot chocolate stand. 

Week 2: Oct 17, 2019

We started off by deciding how much the kids want to donate to Jays Care.  They agreed they would give 25% in charity.  

The class was full of activity today. Here is what we did: 

1) Created a GoFundMe campaign to raise awareness of their hot chocolate stand and to get donations for Jays Care.  You can see their campaign here:

2) Created a VERY detailed list of what they need for their hot chocolate stand. 

3) Worked on Posters.  

Here are their tasks for this week:

Team Kids in the Team Role this week Task 
Green Jakob, Keira, Dhillon, Sophie T Operations Find out from the office how many kids are Lactose Intolerant, so we know how many alternative cocoa drinks to have. 
Blue Farrah, Durga, Stephanie Finance  Research the cost of getting everything on the list for the chocolate stand
Purple Violet, Ivy, Sophie H Sales Create a logo for the Hot Chocolate Shop
Red Rishi, Tanner, Luke, Eleni Marketing Talk to SBS Office to see if you can announce the Hot Chocolate Stand in the school assembly.

Information for Parents

1) We have not received  waivers from 3 parents, we really need them.  Children cannot be part of the videos without these waivers. Appreciate your assistance in this.

2) Please share the link with your friends and family for their GoFundMe page.

3) Save the Date!  Dec 12 between 4-5pm is their Hot Chocolate Stand.  Mark it in your calendars!. 

Week 1: Oct 10, 2019

What a fantastic start to the program.  We have an extremely determined group of young entrepreneurs who are sure to make their mark!  

Here's a summary of what we did today: 

After a lively discussion, they decided their business will be a pop-up hot chocolate stand.  (The other ideas they had were a bake sale, christmas ornament business, movie recommendation business and a used book sale!) 

We also teach young entrepreneurs about their responsibility to society and encourage them to give back to the community.  After another lively debate, all the kids voted to to raise funds for Jays Care Foundation.  I was most impressed with the range of charities they wanted to support - everything from Giants of Africa to Sick Kids.  

The kids have been divided into 4 departments (Marketing, Sales, Operations and Finance) and have been assigned their tasks for this week.  They will rotate through these departments every week. 

Team Kids in the Team Role this week Task 
Green Jakob, Keira, Dhillon, Sophie T Marketing Marketing is responsible for spreading the word around school and their community about the hot chocolate stand and how they are raising money for GoFundMe.  
Blue Farrah, Durga, Stephanie Operations Operations is responsible for getting information from the school on how many kids are lactose free so they know what kinds of hot chocolate to make.   
Purple Violet, Ivy, Sophie H Finance

Make a list of what we need for a hot chocolate stand.  

Research prices of hot chocolate ingredients. 

Several kids said they have "lots of hot chocolate at home" that they want to use, if that is the case, they will share the quantity of the donations they can bring , to Violet who is keeping a list. 

Red Rishi, Tanner, Luke, Eleni Sales Sales is responsible for getting the script together for a 15 second video (35 words) raising awareness of their business and asking for donations to their cause.  

Information for Parents

1) If you have not sent the waivers, we really need them now.  Appreciate your assistance in this.

2) Our Young Entrepreneurs will be making their first GoFundMe campaign next week and learning how to raise money.  They will be fully creating their own sales video and learning about sales funnel. 

3) If your child has volunteered all the hot chocolate in your home, please do not feel obliged to send anything.  They are learning how to create their own business and we re-iterate over and over how they cannot "get" free stuff and cash from their parents. They learn how to raise money and how to pay for things and it's a great accomplishment for them when they earn money on their own.  So, please do not go out and buy, or empty your kitchen for their business! On the other hand, if you are trying to get someone to consume the hot chocolate you bought at Costco and wish would disappear soon, I am sure they would appreciate it.  We do not need it till December. 

4) Save the Date!! Our Hot Chocolate stand is on Dec 12.  


Welcome Message

We are so excited to have your kids in our Young Entrepreneur Program at Sunnybrook School.  We keep a blog to share with parents news and information on the amazing things your child has accomplished. 

Times of the programs:   Thursdays from 4.00 - 5.00pm, October 10 - December 12.  There will be no classes on Oct 31 and Nov 7.  

Please bookmark this Blog:  After each class we will update this blog to let you know what they have learnt and how their business is progressing.  Be prepared to be amazed by how business savvy your kids are! 

Student Information Sheets due on Friday (Sep 27):  Please can you complete the student registration form so we can give Tanya Low at Sunnybrook the names of the students attending and our instructors can prepare a program that takes into consideration their interests.  The link to the registration is available here:  ( )


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