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2022 Math Hackathon Participant Experiences: Gauresh Maheshwary

2022 Math Hackathon Participant Experiences: Gauresh Maheshwary

About the Math Hackathon

Explorer Hop's Math Hackathon is a global math competition where contestants use math to solve one of our world's most pressing issues. The competition is open to students all around the world between the ages of 11 and 17 who are enrolled full-time in school. We welcome students of all different Math levels. Participants can join either as individuals (if they want to work on their project solo) or join as a group of 4 members (max), and work collaboratively with others.

This year's competition ran from June 4th to June 5th, 2022. Therefore, from the start of the competition, participants had 48 hours to submit their solution to the proposed problem for assessment by the Explorer Hop team. Following the assessment of all answers, participants were awarded prizes according to their rank, with the top finisher taking home a $100 gift card and the other contestants in the Top 10 receiving smaller prizes. All participants, however, received a certificate acknowledging their effort and completion of the hackathon.

If you feel that you're on the lesser experienced side and want to prepare first, there is still time to do so before the next competition (2023 dates: TBA). Please visit Explorer Hop's website and sign up for one of our many math programs now. These offerings have been individually curated and refined to cater to children and students from 6th grade (11 years old) to 12th grade (18 years old) so check them out now if you want to boost your math skills prior to our next hackathon (2023 dates: TBA)!

Young Math Whiz Gauresh Maheshwary on His Experience

The Explorer Hop team interviewed Math Hackathon participants on their experiences to help prepare future students and offer them insight into what it's like to compete.

Read on for a written version of our interview with Gauresh (Noida, Uttar Pradesh, India).

EH: How did you find out about this hackathon?

Gauresh: A counsellor told me about this. She found out that Explorer Hop was having a math hackathon and then she said, as I was a math enthusiast, that I should join this competition. 

EH: What do you think about population density in your country?

Gauresh: In India, I think the population density is the highest in the whole world. Our population is the second-highest and we are the 7th largest country. Just in my own sector, which is a 1km radius, there will be approximately 20,000 to 30,000 people. 

EH: Do you think that population density is a problem? 

Gauresh: Yeah, it's a big problem because as the population grows or as it gets denser and denser, the amount of land left for everyone gets more limited and the amount of resources starts getting reduced. That's why I think it's a major issue the world needs to tackle right now. 

EH: Why is math your favourite subject? 

Gauresh: It just seems like the most logical subject there is. It's all solvable. For example, if you see any other subject, there are many exceptions to it. But in math, if you know the concepts, then it's just logic and that's why I think math is my favourite subject. 

EH: How do you think you can inspire more children to be excited about math

Gauresh: Math is the universal language, or at least that's what they call it, right? Everything revolves around it. For example, the sciences [and] everything related to science is basically driven on the language that is math and that's why it is extremely important in today's world as we proceed towards the future. Math is becoming more and more important so that's something everyone should know and be aware of. 

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  • Hi, I am extremely sorry to ask you this but would it be possible for you to remove my video from your website. I do not recall giving permission to post this video anywhere and had I given the permission it would be under the influence of my counselor, and would not have been for YouTube or my website. If you want confirmation from my end you could email me to verify that this is in my best intent.
    Thank you for understanding.

    Gauresh Maheshwary

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