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Entrepreneurship Club (Gr. 5-6) - KCS

Entrepreneurship Club (Gr. 5-6) - KCS

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Day 10:

The class was introduced to the concept of funding for a business and what is crowdfunding. In the final class, the groups shared their final presentation, thoughts and feedback about their businesses. 


Day 9:

In today's class each group practices their sales pitch and got ready to make their FINAL presentations for the next class!

Next up: Final Presentation and Introduction to Funding 


Day 8:

In today's class, the groups were taught how to create a sales pitch. Further, they were to work and build one for their own businesses.

Next up: Practising the Sales Pitch


Day 7:

Today the class was introduced to how to grab media attention for their businesses. They were also taught about PR and why it is important. 

Later, the groups split up in breakout rooms to work on their projects, social media marketing posts and PR letters. 

Next up: More on PR and Sales Pitch


Day 6:

Today, all the groups worked on building their product page, pricing strategy and discussing what kind of social media marketing can they adopt. 

They also discussed what feedback they received for their business and how can they implement it.

Next up: Marketing Plan


Day 5: 

Today, the class was taught about Marketing and why it is important. They were introduced to the different stages of marketing and why Social Media Marketing is important.

Later, in the breakout rooms, every group worked on their pricing strategy, built their final product components, discussed what social media platform works best for them. 

Next up: More on Marketing


Day 4:

This week was all about what a product page actually looks like. The class was taught about components of a product page: description, product images, specifications and price. Later, the groups split up in break out rooms and planned out their business's product page and logo. 

Next up: Building a Pricing & Marketing Strategy


Day 3: 

Today, all the groups were put into their respective break-out rooms and they had to decide upon their final business idea and logo design. The groups were also encouraged to discuss various roles they'd like to take upon, week by week.

The groups then discussed various questions to be asked during their market research and started creating a google form. 

Next up: Product Description


Day 2: 

We started with a recap of last class and encouraged the kids to brainstorm their final business concept. 

We discussed Market Research and it's importance. Once the session was done, the groups discussed various ways they can reach out to their friends and family to survey and ask questions related to their business and products. 

Next up: Creating a survey / questionnaire for your research


Day 1

We started our first day talking about different types of businesses, start-ups and entrepreneurs. With the class taking turns in participation, we also discussed:

  • What should be your business about?
  • What problem does it solve?
  • What makes a business successful?

At the end, the class was divided into four groups to encourage the kids to discuss within themselves what should be their business idea.

Please fill out this google form with all your group info and business idea:


Welcome to Young Entrepreneurs! 

My name is Hasina. I am the founder and CEO of Explorer Hop and will also be your child's Entrepreneurial coach this week.

The purpose of this camp is to teach children the potential of starting and launching their own businesses that would become a social initiative.

Through the week, they will be building a simplified business plan. They would exchange different company roles such as CEO, Finance VP, Marketing VP, Sales VP, Operations VP, and more. They will learn to build a solid brand from customer and competitor research. They will learn how to design a logo and advertisements. 

I have met repeat students and so many of them have already built a business. It is so exciting to see them implement what they have learned through our Entrepreneurship, Video Editing, Graphic Design, and Website building classes. 

Here is the information you need to connect to the program on Monday:

Zoom Link:

Need from Parents:  Please can you complete the Student Information Form before the class. Here is the link:



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