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Global Citizenship Blog Share Program - Akanksha Schools (Pune, India) - Ms. Henna & Preeti

Dear Marie and Gareth,

Hope you are having a wonderful day. 
We were delighted to read about your class trip. Since most of us have not experienced snow, it was a great thing to discuss about skiing. 
We were wondering if all our friends from your class could introduce themselves and share their hobbies/favourite food/ their best friends. 
We are also preparing to show you many things that we do in school and in class. 
We also wanted to know if it is okay to share class pictures and videos. Let us know if this is possible. 
Henna and Preeti
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  • Thank you for sharing this inspiring blog about the Global Citizenship Program at Akanksha Schools, Pune, India. It’s heartening to see the positive impact on young learners. Keep up the great work!


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