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KCS Entrepreneurship


Hey there future entrepreneurs! Welcome to the coolest class ever - Entrepreneurship! Get ready to dive into a world where you're the boss of your own ideas and dreams. We'll start with your awesome ideas, and learn how to turn them into real businesses. You'll learn how to work together, solve problems like a pro, and never give up, no matter what! So, get ready to unleash your inner innovator and let's make some magic happen together!



Day 1: March 27, 2024

Business Type: Packaged cookie business 

Business Name: Kraft Cookie Shop

Charity: TBD - need more information from French teacher about her charity

Logo: Ryan & Stella to make prototypes in Canva and share with Hasina

Product: Emerson to test recipes so we have a final recipe 

Important Links: 

Day 2: April 3, 2024

Logo complete: 

Product Page: 


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