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Excerpted from Things To Do While Quarantined

Awesome Quarantine Activities For Kids—By Kids

Who better to advise on quarantine activities for kids than kids themselves? These games and challenges will help the time spent in self-isolation fly by. 

Tip #1: Things To Do While Quarantined—By Kids, For Kids!

Things to do while quarantined - Amazon Kindle ebook
Take seven kids between 9 and 13 from two continents, split-screen them on Zoom for two hours a day over five days, and then challenge them to create one business together. The result is Things to Do While Quarantined, the first digital book by kids for kids from Canada’s Explorer Hop, the top-rated educational camp that’s gone virtual (and global) in the time of COVID-19. These tips are chosen by the kid authors who created the 100-page book, and selected the World Health Organization as their beneficiary-of-choice for a portion of the proceeds.

Tip #2: Start a Help-a-thon!

Learn to start your own not-for-profit or charitable business
There are so many people in the community who need help. They may need virtual hugs, help with figuring out computer apps or even how to change their light bulbs. Gather all your friends and loved ones on a virtual platform (like Zoom or HouseParty) to create a virtual community that helps each other and those outside our homes.

Tip #3: Hopscotch & Math

Play hopscotch with a fun math game
You will need a clear outdoor space, a piece of chalk and two dice. First, draw a hopscotch grid with chalk on your driveway, entrance or balcony. Next, label the squares with math equations (+, -, x, ÷) as opposed to typical numbers. To get to your next turn, throw your dice and do the equation you landed on. For example, if you throw 3 and 5 on the die and land on “+” you would do 3+5. Complete the equation and go to the next square.

Tip #4: Start A Blog (About Anything!)

Start your own blog

What could possibly be more satisfying than telling the whole world what you think? You can start your own blog using platforms such as Medium, YouTube, WordPress, WIX and many more. Finding cool content for your blog will also keep you super-busy, impress your parents and keep your annoying siblings away from you.

Tip #5: Make Fairy Bread

Learn to make fairy bread and other easy kid-friendly recipes

Did someone say sprinkles? Let’s make some fairy bread! It’s a very famous and easy recipe from Australia and New Zealand. First, gather all your ingredients (sliced bread, butter and sprinkles). Next, spread butter on the slice of bread and dip it in a bowl of sprinkles. Cut it up into triangles or other fun shapes. Don’t forget to share!

Tip #6: Design Your Own Board Game

Learn to make your own board game

Can’t find a board game that keeps your interest? Now’s the time to make your own. Decide on the rules, map out a game board on a piece of paper, repurpose some buttons or Lego bricks as pawns, and invite your family to join in the fun!

Tip #7: Learn Graphic Design

Learn Graphic Design with e-camp

Want to your school projects to look awesome? Now’s the time to ace your game with graphic design lessons. Start with the free tools on the internet like Canva and TuxPaint, and just experiment. Design your own e-card and send it to someone who could use cheering up during these trying times.

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