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Video Production & Editing Level 2 (1PM - 2PM) - AUGUST 2-6

DAY 1 & 2: AUGUST 3, 2021

We had a great class today! I'm excited to see the work you produce. 

What we learned: 

  • Quick Re-Cap of Level 1  
  • Film plot development analysis 
  • The 6 stages of every story 
  • How to write a screenplay 
  • Intro of our short film project 
  • Producing vs. Directing
  • What does a director do?
  • Working with actors 
  • Intro to acting techniques 

In this project, each student will be writing their own short screenplay. The screenplay doesn't have to deal with all 6 stages of a story...but it will still feature a character facing obstacles to achieve their goal (ie. Sally's party guests are about the arrive, but the power goes out! How does she resolve this problem?) 

I have uploaded a copy of the Powerpoint from today with a few sample film concepts. If the kids don't feel comfortable coming up with their own idea, they can choose from one of mine :) 

You can access the folder with the following link:


See you tomorrow! 





Hi everyone

Zoom Meeting Link:

My name is Hayley Butler and I’ll be teaching the Video Production & Editing Level 2 course! We’ve got a ton of exciting work ahead of us this week!

To begin with some background information about myself… I’m a professional video producer, editor & director at Sailfin Productions in Toronto, Ontario! I started this production company in 2016. I’ve also worked at Global News, I was a professional film/commercial actress in Canada & I’m an award-winning documentary producer.  

In this course, your kids will be learning about video production on a more advanced level. We'll be discussing story structure, script writing, character development, directing techniques and how to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro (the professional industry standard editing program)! 

There is a 7-Day Free Trial available for Premiere Pro! This can be downloaded directly from the Adobe website. 

I will be updating the course blog every day after class with a recap of what we learned. I will also provide a Google Drive link where you/your kids can find a copy of the Powerpoint and a breakdown of what the kids need to do for next class. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions :) 

Best Wishes, 



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