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Video Production & Editing Level 2 (AUGUST 16-20) 2PM-3PM

DAY 1: JULY 27, 2020

We had a great class today! I'm excited to see the work your kids produce. 

What we learned: 

  • Quick Re-Cap of Level 1  
  • Film plot development analysis 
  • The 6 stages of every story 
  • How to write a screenplay 
  • Intro of our short film project 

In this project, each student will be writing their own short screenplay. The screenplay doesn't have to deal with all 6 stages of a story...but it will still feature a character facing obstacles to achieve their goal (ie. Sally's party guests are about the arrive, but the power goes out! How does she resolve this problem?) 

I have uploaded a copy of the Powerpoint from today with a few sample film concepts. If the kids don't feel comfortable coming up with their own idea, they can choose from one of mine :) 

You can access the folder with the following link:


For Tomorrow: 

  • Finalize the hero in your film... you may also choose to include another character to either help the hero accomplish the goal OR get in the way of the hero accomplishing the goal
  • What is the hero's goal? What is getting in their way of accomplishing that goal? How do they overcome that?
  • Write a short 2 page screenplay depicting your film (if you choose to write a longer screenplay, that is fine- but it will take longer to film & edit) 

I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with! I have no doubts there will be some incredible screenplays to work with this week. 

See you tomorrow! 





Hi everyone

Zoom Meeting Link:

My name is Hayley Butler and I’ll be teaching the Video Production & Editing Level 2 course! We’ve got a ton of exciting work ahead of us this week!

To begin with some background information about myself… I’m a professional video producer, editor & director at Sailfin Productions in Toronto, Ontario! I started this production company in 2016. I’ve also worked at Global News, I was a professional film/commercial actress in Canada & I’m an award-winning documentary producer.  

In this course, your kids will be learning about video production on a more advanced level. We'll be discussing story structure, script writing, character development, directing techniques and how to edit on Adobe Premiere Pro (the professional industry standard editing program)! 

There is a 7-Day Free Trial available for Premiere Pro! This can be downloaded directly from the Adobe website. 

I will be updating the course blog every day after class with a recap of what we learned. I will also provide a Google Drive link where you/your kids can find a copy of the Powerpoint and a breakdown of what the kids need to do for next class. 

Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions :) 

Best Wishes, 


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