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4 Tips to Start a Clothing Brand Online

4 Tips to Start a Clothing Brand Online

This is Soham, one of the members of our Marketing Team and blog author!

Find a Manufacturer that takes care of shipping and handling your clothing.

Several companies offer this kind of service eg. Printful, Teespring/Spring, Redbubble, and many more. The way these service works is you make a product and put it on the products then add it to your website with a price and start selling. After when a person buys the clothing you offer them the manufacturer will be delivering the product and handle the returns. So you have to do nothing more than promote your brand.


Find something that makes your design brand unique or what your brand represents. 

When people look at your brand website they like to know what the brand is about. Ask yourself what do you want the brand to promote or what does your brand stand for? When this question is answered your brand will have a purpose and design making process will go easier. 


Create a design 

Your design should be related to what your brand represents. It should be bold and should be able to convey the message. 


Promote on social media 

Instagram and Facebook are great spots to promote your business. The process starts with a minimum of 3-6 posts on your brand account. Find the one post that shows the most of your brand and was the most successful then use it to promote your business the most. Expand your horizon when it comes to social media. Have the main account on all social media platforms and try to be established in at least 2. This process makes marketing easy as not everyone is only on 1 social media platform. While making posts for Social media remember to be consistent and the same colour on all the posts.


Business ready to sell

The last step before you start selling is to make a website the way you like. Buy a custom domain so it is your business. After you are done with all of the tips above then you are ready to start selling. 


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