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4 Value Stocks to Keep An Eye On

Let’s see… what are you going to get out of our financial literacy blog today? 

Budgeting tips? Nope. 

Secrets for how to throw a march break party for under $10? Nope, wrong again.

More stock-focused content? Ding, ding, ding. You betcha. 

In today’s blog, we want to continue our steady flow of stock trading content by giving you all four ideas for value stocks that we think you should keep an eye on going forward through 2022 and onwards. 

In no particular order, here goes our list. 

1. Electronic Arts (EA)

This stock is currently priced at around $125 (according to Google). “Global gaming platforms” accumulate roughly $180 billion in annual sales according to Newzoo, a gaming and esports analytics and market research company. EA is what many people consider to be the head of that dragon, making it a potentially profound value stock to invest in due to its status as a leader in a market that has only grown in recent years due to a boom in gaming thanks to COVID-19. If you believe in the stickiness of gaming as we do, absolutely look into this stock. 

 video game controller

2. Starbucks

Priced around $89 USD per share (according to Google) at the time of writing, this stock makes our list due in large part to the expansion Starbucks has made into China through a partnership with the country’s biggest food delivery platform, Meituan. We expect this move, as we would with any positive momentum a company makes in a market like China, to be immensely beneficial to the value of the company’s stock. Therefore, we cannot help but recommend looking into Starbucks for a potentially great value stock option.

starbucks cup 

3. Johnson & Johnson

Priced around $156 USD per share (according to Google) at the time of writing, the key note with Johnson & Johnson is that healthcare as an industry is notably recession-resistant in our economy, making J&J a worthwhile stock to look at for its potential growth – especially considering the prominence of this company – even in unprecedented times like these as we navigate a pandemic.   

 skincare products

4. FedEx

Consumer delivery giant FedEx currently has its stock priced at roughly $211 USD (according to Google at the time of writing). With a reported near $100 billion in annual revenue and an unmistakable stickiness due to the need for shipping services to keep up with demand in today’s retail environment, the prospects for value with a stock like FedEx are through the roof. Keep an eye on FedEx moving forward and consider picking up some shares if you believe in this company as strongly as us.  

delivery truck

That’s all for this list, folks.

Let us know in the comments below where you stand about our picks. Do you completely agree with our list, vehemently disagree with it or fall somewhere in between? 

Regardless, though, we hope that this blog helps give you some direction in case you decide to get involved with stock trading yourself – as we believe you should, considering the potent presence of this practice as part of our finance landscape today. 

In much the same way, we hope you also pass along these tips and learnings to your children, who are the next generation of young investors that we think would benefit greatly from learning how to invest at a young age. 

stock chart

To help you accomplish this, please check out Explorer Hop’s learn to trade course.

 In this program, we teach your grade 7-12 aged children how to understand the stock market and portfolios as well as introduce them to countless other investing topics as part of our comprehensive investing program, which we trust will succeed at providing your child with knowledge that will be key both to their more immediate future as well as their distant future as financially independent and literate adults. 

Visit our website and sign your child up for one of our programs today!

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