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Crucial Things You Must Consider When Picking Stocks For Your Portfolio

Investing has always been an important part of our financial literacy toolkit. 

Learning how to invest and where to invest our money is also increasingly becoming a crucial part of how we work, sometimes without working, to make our money work and grow for us.

To that end, we want to use today’s blog as a way of giving you and your child a few reminders when it comes to crucial considerations you and your kid must make when either presently picking stocks for your investment portfolio or preparing to do so in the future. 

Here are three of our most important tips:

1. Be cognizant and realistic about the risk level you are comfortable with

Investing is most fruitful when you are using money that you are comfortable risking. Everyone makes bad investments from time to time and we want to drive home the fact that it is important for you and your children to be open, honest and realistic about the level of risk you are willing to take when investing. We promise that investing will feel a lot worse if you risk and lose money that you cannot afford to risk and it will conversely feel a lot better if you are using disposable income that you watch turn into significant profits when you use it towards your portfolio.

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2. Consider industries when deciding where to invest your money

Don’t just put all your investing money into cryptocurrencies because it is the “big thing” right now. While that is true, cryptocurrency is also very volatile. In other cases, there exist investment opportunities that are significantly safer and more reliable places to put your money. Banks, for instance, are some of those places. Be very cognizant of the industries you are investing in, as some are safer and provide less significant returns while others may provide larger “booms” as an investor but may also be more prone to notable “busts”.

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3. Diversify your investments/investment portfolio

Similar to the point we made above, we want you to understand the importance of diversifying the investments in your investment portfolio. You’ve heard the saying before… don’t put all your eggs in one basket. It’s important to keep this in mind as you invest and teach your child how to invest because it is imperative that you remain safeguarded if a particular investment falls through. This way, if one investment fails, you are not left reeling because you have other investments to fall back on. If you put all your money in one investment though, you’re going to be in a really bad spot if that investment does not succeed. 

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Alright, so we’ve given you three of our favourite and most important tips when it comes to preparing to pick stocks for your and or your child’s investing future.

Now, we’re going to take that a step further by introducing you to our AI software with Investor Hop – where we have built a platform to give you and (but mostly) your child a head start with building their dream investment portfolio. Check out our platform here and answer a few simple questions to get started today!

Finally, we want to help you even more by giving your child a more guided jump start to the world of investing and their inescapable future in the world of finance. Please visit our website and sign your kid up for our nationally and internationally-acclaimed learn to invest program, where we teach children in grades 7-12 everything they need to know about money. From the stock market and mutual funds to global finance and portfolios, we’ve got your child covered from every possible angle!

We hope you and your child use our tips to have great success as investors in the present and the future. 

Happy investing! 

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