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Here Are Some Long-Term Benefits of Letting Your Child Learn How to Create Their Own Website

Let’s talk about being online. What does your child spend most of their time doing outside of homework? 

Probably surfing the internet… huh? Admit it, we got it right on the first try, didn’t we?

What website do they spend most of their online time using? YouTube? Miniclip? Our website…

We say this to emphasize that your children are part of a world, the online world, that is steadily growing and not looking back. The internet is undoubtedly the most important and widespread medium available to us today. 

With that said, we want to tell you why we think it is important to allow your child the opportunity to learn how to create their own website. Learning how to create their own website will allow your children to take control of their own small piece of this wonderful internet landscape and iit will also set them up well for the future. 

We’re not kidding. Learning how to create a website has plenty of long-term advantages for your child beyond just learning the technical skills involved with doing this. Here’s three of them.

coding language on laptop screen 

1. Improve and Expand Career Prospects

Learning how to create a website provides technical skills such as coding, which looks amazing on a resume. We’d be surprised if your child ever walks into a job interview  and is asked to create a website on the spot, but the skills learned through doing so become immensely valuable items for a resume that will improve and expand your child’s career prospects. Employers will never get tired of looking for candidates with heightened and refined skills, and learning how to create a website can be a great first step towards that ultimate goal.

 person lunging towards job

2. Improve Communication and Connection-Building Skills

Websites are designed as tools for us to communicate with one another. A popular example would be any social media platform. Learning to create a website enhances those abilities because a website becomes a tool for sharing our backgrounds with potential colleagues and establishing a digital presence. Websites can also be incredibly worthwhile ways to start and grow one’s virtual and professional presence, beyond some established methods like LinkedIn. For example, a personal website can be utilized as an online portfolio your child can use, in the future, to showcase themselves and their work to potential employers, colleagues and more.

 glowing blue map coming from ipad representing global connection

3. Sharpen Creativity

There are few mediums that allow for more natural creative expression than creating your own website. In ways that a school art project has a theme or a school video project has an assigned focus, creating a website provides your child with a blank slate to express themselves and sharpen their creativity. Maybe they make a website once now, and never again. Maybe they make a website now, and it turns out to be their first of many. Either way, creating a website now is the first step to allowing your child to express their freedoms creatively without restraint and doing so will help them sharpen such skills for great benefit in their future.  

six pencil crayons drawing rainbow

Creating a website is a skill that has many benefits for children who decide to learn it sooner rather than later. If you believe that your child should hop on a fast track to acquiring this ever-so-crucial skill, and reaping the long-term benefits because of it, we invite you to check out our create your own website course under the umbrella of our many Digital Art and STEM programs – where we guide your 5th grade to 9th-grade child through everything from creating a catchy name and registering the website to test usability on a computer and mobile device and launching their website.

Visit our website and sign up for one of our programs today. We look forward to helping your child develop their skills in this class or any of our other financial literacy courses soon!
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