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Some of the Best Stocks to Buy Right Now

We’re doing a lot of stock-related content here at Explorer Hop nowadays, and that is largely by design. 

As we progress further into the future, stock trading and investing are becoming increasingly potent parts of our financial landscape. 

Everyone is looking for new and expansive ways to make money and stocks are a big part of that right now. 

Therefore, in the interest of helping people understand stocks better so that they can decide for themselves if they want to enter this realm of finance, we want to use this blog to provide some tips to you, our audience, about some of the best stocks to buy right now. 

Here’s our list (in no particular order).

stock chart

1. Coca Cola

Priced (according to Google) at roughly $59 USD at the time of writing, Coca-Cola stock is a good one to buy right now because this company is the largest non-alcoholic beverage entity in the world. Although the company admittedly suffered from losses in accordance with pandemic-related closures and shifts in business, more recent changes to pandemic life, which include large-scale reopening of restaurants, movie theatres and other attractions present an opportunity for Coca Cola to bounce back and regain momentum in a profound way, which makes this stock a super attractive one to buy right now.    

2. Apple

At roughly $158 USD per share (at the time of writing, according to Google), Apple stock is one we would recommend for anyone that can afford it for obvious reasons. This company is quite simply a tech monster, who according to, have seen a year-over-year revenue growth of 29% and net income growth of 47.5%. Apple is simply too important of a company for us to not recommend our audience buy their stock if it is within your capabilities, as many analysts expect strong performance from this company into the future and see largely green pastures ahead for the tech giants who brought us the iPhone, iPad and Macbook.

 Apple Macbook

3. Walt Disney

Adaptability in a hurry has been one of this company's strong suits, as evidenced by their ability to shift their focus from theme parks and physical attractions to streaming services like Disney+ during the pandemic. This stickiness of this company in the realm of entertainment makes Walt Disney a great stock to buy at the moment, especially considering it’s current price of roughly $145 USD per share (at the time of writing, according to Google). If there was any stock we would recommend buying and holding right now, this one would be near the top of the list every time.  

So tell us… do you agree with our list, disagree with it or fall somewhere in between? Sound off in the comments on this blog. 

Either way, now that we’ve given you this list, we hope it gives you some direction if you choose to move closer to the world of stock trading in the near or distant future – as we believe you should, considering the potent presence of this practice in our financial world today. 

In much the same way, we hope you also pass along these tips and learnings to your children, the next generation of young investors who we think would benefit greatly from learning how to invest at a young age. 

stock chart

To help you accomplish this, we want to remind you that Explorer Hop is home to many world-renowned financial literacy programs including our learn to trade course. In this program, we teach your grade 7-12 aged children how to understand the stock market and portfolios as well as introduce them to countless other investing topics as part of our comprehensive investing program, which we trust to provide knowledge will be key to their present and their future lives. 

Please visit our website and sign your child up for one of our programs today!

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