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The Single Biggest Lesson Your Young Entrepreneur Must Learn Right Now

Purpose Drives Performance

Those are the words we need you to keep telling your young entrepreneur before they go to bed every night. 

No, seriously, every night, as they are falling asleep, whisper these three words in their ears 100 times. 

Okay, we’re obviously kidding about how to tell your kids that these three words are important but please take our advice when we explain that this is still an important lesson to teach your children, as young entrepreneurs but also more generally. 

Especially true if your child ever wants to delve into entrepreneurship, however, let us explain why knowing why they are doing what they do – their purpose – will help your kid(s) thrive in their lives as eventual young entrepreneurs – their performance – in tomorrow’s world. 

Going into life as an entrepreneur, even with a solid plan in place, is hard enough. Imagine what it would be like not going in prepared. 

Unfortunately, that’s what it’s like nowadays, as entrepreneurship is often a fallback option for most – especially as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. 

Even so, whether your child is prepared for a life in entrepreneurship or not, having and understanding the purpose behind what you are doing as an entrepreneur is key to success.

For one, purpose provides motivation. Remaining cognizant of their purpose for the journey they go on as an entrepreneur will assist your child in staying motivated to power through the inevitable struggles they will endure. Knowing why they are doing what they do will give them the energy and drive to keep going through even the toughest of times because they will always know that there is something they are aspiring towards that they have yet to reach.    

motivational sign that reads "you got this"

Additionally, purpose can inform strategy and help establish uniqueness as an entrepreneur. Everyone’s intrinsic motivations are different. Many of us do the jobs we do for the same or similar reasons – to acquire money to then use on goods and services. However, intrinsic motivations and purposes can be utilized as tools through which your child, as an entrepreneur, can inform their strategy and develop a point of uniqueness or differentiation, which are key to entrepreneurial success. Your child’s unique purpose will shape the way they perform or operate in the context of their entrepreneurial endeavour, and will allow them to separate themselves from the hoard of other entrepreneurs and elevate their potential for success. 

 two grey apples surrounding one bright red apple

Finally, purpose aids in goal-setting and long-term progression. In a similar fashion as our first point, we think it is important that you teach your child about the impact remaining cognizant of a defined purpose can have on progressive goal setting and long-term entrepreneurial success. Keeping an “ultimate purpose” in mind will help your child never lose focus of the ultimate goal and continue to set benchmarks or “progressive” goals that enable them to move forward. As they continue to set these goals with their purpose in mind, it will be easier for them to continue ascending to their end goal as an entrepreneur.  

 hand with sticky note that reads "set goals"

We hope that the information we provided to you here, though just our thoughts on the subject, will help drive home how important we think it is for your child to understand why they are doing whatever it is they choose to do in life, whether in the realm of entrepreneurship or otherwise. 

If you have read this blog and believe that your child may benefit from being exposed to more great lessons like this about life and about entrepreneurship, we encourage you to visit our website to learn more about and register for our nationally-and-internationally-acclaimed entrepreneurship programs!

Our programs, depending on the age of your child, cover topics ranging from sales and marketing to the finance and operations of a small business. Better yet, we also take your child’s knowledge to the next level, by helping and empowering them to start their own initiatives – as we have with over 40 kid-businesses that have raised more than $45,000 for charity to date!

The best part: we’ve got entrepreneurship programs designed and curated for kids all the way from first through 12th grade so head on over and sign up today

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