Kids Learn about Money - Level 2

I'm putting a lot of detail into this blog so that Ryan can follow from home. 

Session 1: Jan 13, 2019

We started off by learning about what's going on around the world and how it impacts your portfolio. Emphasis was also on understanding the risk of buying stocks in volatile areas or buying stocks in companies which are investing in volatile areas. 

We went through how Canadian stocks are impacted by what happens in USA, then also went through the world map talking about what is going on in different regions.  For example, in the middle east we spoke about the issues with Saudi - Iran and the risks of investing there.  We used the example of Qatar and how they airlifted cows from Netherlands to supply the country with milk. What happens to Dutch dairy stocks?

We then spoke about China, India, Pakistan and also the other Asian countries and how the economies are all intertwined.  

Session 2:  Jan 20, 2019

We looked at OPEC.  Every country needs oil to function and OPEC is the largest oil block.  The class looked at where these countries are and discussed at length about what happens there (see blue countries below) .  Without a safe supply of oil the lifestyle and workings of most countries is at risk - and this in turn impacts the stock market.   

 Image result for opec

We discussed what was happening in these countries and how it impacts investment there (you investing in stocks in those countries, and companies who have invested there):  

Venezuela: in a mess with 2 people claiming to be president and the country bankrupt because of bad management even though it was booming with money from oil only a few years ago.  The class was urged to think about where the opportunity in investment is here?

Nigeria: Corruption, fighting between it's people and a vocal desire to leave OPEC so that they don't have to follow the rules. What is the impact to oil and other African countries?  Which Canadian companies are impacted?

Saudi Arabia:  Still in the news about the Kashoggi murder and public opinion and trust of the government at an all time low.  The crown prince has waged a useless war with Yemen (look up where it is on the map) for no real strategic reason and which has cost the country a lot.  The stock market here is completely corrupt. What are the risks of investing here? 

Iraq:  Still basically at war and no real functioning government. What's happening with the oil? 

Iran: Highly functioning country with a very educated population. Unfortunately the leadership is corrupt and you never know who you are dealing with.  Talks of Saudi and Iran threatening to go to war are more frequent these days.  What does this mean to your portfolio and how does Huawei get involved in this?

So, as you can see, the major oil producing countries are all in an interesting stage which adds risk to the market in general. 


Session 3: Jan 27, 2019

 We followed up on what was happening in the world and how it impacts our pockets. 

Venezuela:  Riots continued with Trump (and now Canada) showing support for one candidate.  Oil supply is is disarray and potential refugee stream heading to US and Canada. What happens to our investments and again where is the opportunity to invest?

Iran Sanctions:  The problem is sanctions only work when it is done by all. This was the case when sanctions were applied against South Africa - every country did it so the government was choke-hold and they had to abandon apartheid.  With Iran, it's kind of half-hearted which is why it won't really work.  And given that the leader lacks support from most of the people in the country it also makes it difficult to do. 

South Africa:  The discussions on Iran sanctions took us to South Africa since a couple of the kids had invested last semester in South African Gold.  Kids are all urged to read the book by Nelson Mandela - A Long Walk to Freedom - as it will help them understand the political influences and the history of where money has been divided not only in South Africa but the whole of Africa.  With Congo (the world's largest supplier of Lithium -used to power our phones) it helps to understand what is the underlying thinking when deciding long term to invest or do business in these countries. 

 Huawei:  We spoke at length about what the arrest of Huawei's CFO means for the Canadian economy and the risk it puts on Canadian businesses overseas - and most importantly how that impact with the stock prices.  If you were Canada, how would you get out of this mess?  What would you do if you were the CEO of Huawei?


Session 4: Feb 3, 2019

Venezuela: Continued the discussion of Venezuela with the class now looking at the two blocs which are gradually forming around the world at any hot spot.  China-Iran-Russia vs USA.  We spoke about the Cold War and tried to figure out what stocks would be doing well. 

For homework, each student needs to find ONE stock in USA or CAN that is benefiting from the Venezuela crisis and tell me next week why it is doing well. 

Brexit: We spoke about Brexit.  Understanding what it is and the issues.  We spoke about Financial Passporting for Banks where London Banks can sell products from any European Union country and how this was now going to be lost. We discussed business going over to Germany and Luxembourg and the impact of this on the economy.  Finally, we discussed issues with the Brexit deal itself and particularly the problems with having a hard border with Ireland.  

For homework, each student needs to find ONE stock that is benefiting from Brexit and tell me why next week it is doing well. 

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Session 5: Feb 3, 2019

Venezuela:  Conversation continued on Venezuela with the class understanding what hyperinflation is and how it impacts the economy.  We then had a discussion on what companies the class would invest in to make money.  Here are some of their ideas:

Athrun:  Suncor (Logic = Venezuela crisis will disrupt the oil supply and this could benefit Suncor) 
Ashley: Raytheon (Logic = US and Russia are forming a cold war again so might as well profit from it)
Abtin:  Exxon Mobil (Logic = again, oil will be disrupted and this will be worse with the sanctions on Iran)
Mirabella:  Lockheed Martin (Logic = Trump will likely start a war). 

Brexit:  We discussed the issue of Ireland and how the proposed Brexit solution essentially breaks the island in half.  Here are some of the companies that the class thought they would invest in: 

Ashley: Burberry (Logic= The pound will go down, so it will be cheaper so more people will buy it) 
Mirabella: A Pub Company (Logic = People will be drinking a lot around Brexit). 

We also covered some other regions. 


1) Track the following currencies for the next week 




d) CAD/ Venezuela Bolivar (You are looking for the Govt Rate and the Black Market Rate) You can find these on Google.  

2) Come with ONE CHINESE Company you want to invest in and one Indian Company.  

Topic for next week:  

  • Chinese Debt
  • Indian Elections 
  • Canada's SNC Lavalin Crisis 
  • We start working on Ryan's spreadsheet next week. 

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